Issue, Impact, Importance Equals Business Results

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Starting with the quadrats can help focus you in the right direction.

When I first came across the four quadrants in the book Same Side Selling by Ian Altman, it immediately struck a chord with the simplicity of this concept, yet it had much more impact than I realized. Not only was this a great sales tool, but it was also a great business tool for looking internally at issues in our client’s businesses and even our own. Let’s look at each quadrant and how it can help you focus on the right areas of your business:

  1. Issue

    Identify all the issues, even the smallest ones. Often, businesses are so focused on getting new sales and delivering their product or services that problems do not get the attention they deserve. It is typically the most painful issue that gets priority instead of looking at the bigger long-term picture.
  2. Impact/Importance

    Once you have identified the issues above, we can start to look at the impact each one has on the business. A 10-point exercise can determine which ones to focus on now. Do you know which ones should be fixed now vs. which ones have the most significant impact and importance?
  3. Results

    What results will resolving this issue give us? This is the most important question because without results, we are resolving issues we think are important or have the most impact, but they do not. Ask yourself, “6 months from now, after this issue has been resolved, what results do I expect will have been delivered?”. A vision of success is just as important as the issue itself.
  4. Others Impacted

    When a project is started or an issue is being fixed, often there are people/partners/key players we forget who are also impacted. Let’s list them so they can be included in the ongoing process.

Once you have filled the four quadrants, your project visualization can lead to better results for your business or clients.

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